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Police Department

The Mountain Lake Police Department is located within City Hall – 930 3rd Ave, Mountain Lake, MN 56159

For emergencies call: 911

For our Police Department, please call 507-427-2999 ext. 2

For Cottonwood County Dispatch, please call 507-831-1375

Press Release:

The Mountain Lake Police Department (MLPD) is currently in the process of looking at the implementation of Body Worn Cameras (BWC) for its officers. In exploration of this potential addition, a survey has been opened to garner community feedback.

The MLPD has viewed demonstrations by various vendors and explored the different platforms and data storage systems available. The MLPD will also be looking at having these BWC’s work in conjunction with the mobile cameras in their squad cars.

Data obtained using this new tool will be stored with an evidence management system provided by the camera vendor. This data is classified, audited, stored, and filed digitally as evidence. These digital files are uploaded wirelessly and accessed over a secured system which can also be utilized by other agencies such as the prosecutors’ office at the discretion of MLPD.

Both the state legislature and the League of Minnesota Cities have provided certain requirements and guidelines for Minnesota law enforcement agencies that are looking at implementing a BWC program at their agencies. Requirements, as well as guidelines on policy development, were also provided. One of the requirements is that agencies need to provide opportunities for public comment, accepted by mail and email. It also requires that the City Council allow for public comment at one of their regular meetings; which is currently set for February 5, 2024, at 5:45 PM.

The MLPD seeks the support of the community, as well as the officers that will be wearing the cameras, and appreciates the importance of community input as this process moves forward.

The survey can be found HERE, or by clicking the button below, labeled BWC Survey. Any additional comments, concerns, or questions about this BWC Project can be emailed to Assistant Chief Louis Norell at